Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Are we having a summer?!..

Living in Scotland has its positive and negative points.
I'm not going to lie, I generally struggle coming up with the positive side of things.'s hot today. I say hot,it's hot for us! it's 8am and it's 10°c.
Thats pretty impressive for a country that hasn't had an actual summer in about 3 years. Ben actually got sunburn yesterday! (Ben is my soon to be husband, just incase i forgot to mention). Yesterday was most definately "taps aff" weather. Translated this means tops off, bit of a scottish saying refering to the fact that when i gets a bit hot some men start removing their tops or t-shirts.

Hence the saying "taps aff" whenever it's sunny!!

Everyday's a school day!!

I have literally been writing this post all day.
This maybe where I'm failing with this blog.
Have been doing bits and pieces, which I'm going to try and post soon.

Have recently taken on my biggest project yet! The internet has some amazing DIY play kitchens. My boys (Frankie and Daniel) have one at their grans house and Frankie plays with it all the time, Daniel's still a bit small. Have really wanted to get them one but they are so expensive! So I have been inspired to create rather than buy.

I bought this 1970's telephone table for £18. I'm having some big plans for this. And I hope they can be just a little bit as amazing as the ones on the net.

I LOVE this one from a Beautiful Mess.
I will NEVER look at a bedside table the same way again.

This one is so ridiculously good it makes me feel slightly unwell when I think about attempting my own

It just goes to show there are some AMAZINGLY talented people out there in the big wide world. And now my eyes are open I don't want to miss a single thing they do!!

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