Monday, 24 June 2013

A busy little bee!!!

Fathers Day.
Another holiday which I have, up to this year, failed to turn crafty!
So this year, I got organised. People should fear this. I could do terrible thing should I ever get REALLY organised.

I decided to make two things I've never made before. A nice box card and some Jamma bottoms.
Went a wee drive into town with my mum and picked a green and purple paisley pattern for Ben. He does appreciate a nice paisley.

I went into to my crafty cave (AKA. the front room) and whipped them up in about 2 and half hours. A bloody miracle.

To be fair about 20 minutes of that was spent with me wearing them, staring in amazement at the fact I had made my first EVER piece of clothing! Couldn't wait for fathers day so Ben got them that very night.

Poor Ben. Always the guinea pig.
Though I have to say he did look pretty impressed. So much so he requested matching ones for the boys!

What a proud mother I am! I got the instructions (which were amazingly easy to follow) from Prudent Baby what would I do without all these talented crafters.

And then comes the card.
I had seen this card and couldn't get it out of my head. So I had a little go at it.

I just used some cardstock I had in the house. Decided to make the outside a nice monotone and the inside...

A nice pop of colour!
Ben was pretty chuffed with that too.
Heres to the next holiday crafting!!

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