Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My mini Post Man set

This year will be our first time celebrating both our boys B-days, which are exactly 1 week apart.
It's not for another few months however I have started a little present for Frankie and I have another one in mind.
I was casually browsing the internet, looking at blogs, forums and anything else which caught my eye, when I came across a tutorial on Cut out and Keep (I feel VERY bad about this but I cannot find the link to it!). Basically you have one piece of fabric and one piece of felt. You cut both to the same size and you bondaweb them together. Before I joined then however I embroidered the address details on the front and made a little stamp from some scrap fabric I had lying around.
Then I bonded the felt and the fabric together, that way all my messy stitching on the underside of the felt was covered!
Next came the tricky part, which was sewing It into an envelope shape. I did this by hand and basically folded the bottom corner up, which became the bottom of the envelope, and then folded in the sides to create the proper shape. I also made a little hole in the top flap so I could close it with a button.
Each one took about 2 and a half hours, which is including hand stitching in the little addresses.
I felt like the set wasn't quite complete so I also made a little post card.
I started with a little felt jigsaw picture, figured this way it would be like a real little post card. I bonded all of the pieces on and did a little embroidery for some detail. I also embroidered a piece of fabric with the back side of the post card. That way when you turn it over it's also just like a real one! Holiday details and all!
The next step was to make a parcel. This was not as hard as I though it was going to be however I didn't take many good pictures during the process (due to my intense concentration) so I only have completed pics, however this set is no where near complete so I'll try and make a step my step for each piece in the next few months.
Anyway, this is how my parcel turned out,
I just made two identical half boxes. I severely underestimated how much I would have to reduce the bottom of the box by and had to reduce it after it was put together by sewing the corners. Now its a bit of a funny shape. Lesson learned!
The last piece I made for this was the post bag. This I was nervous about, as I have NEVER attempted anything like it. but it was amazingly easy. and it was all made of rectangles. This may sound a bit sad but I'm actually planning on making one for myself. Which I will also post a step by step but here's a quick run down.
I got two pieces of fabric and bonded together. I cut 3 rectangles of the same size for the front, back and flap. I then cut two sides and a bottom to give it a bit of room inside. The I cut two rectangles for the little tabs which are attached to the flap at the front and two little straps to fix the tabs in place which hold it shut. Hey presto!
Also it's tartan. Which I love.
The set is nowhere near complete. I'm planning on another envelope, in which I will make Frankie a little b-day card, two letters, which will go in the already made envelopes, and a little red post box.
I was waiting to get an embroidery for for my sewing machine to do the letters (as I thought it would take too long by hand) so once I figure out how to attach that then I'm good to go! Also the bag needs a strap which I think an old fabric belt would be perfect for. My eyes are peeled for one.
I apologise for the crappy pictures. Smart phones are no substitute for an ACTUAL camera. Once I find ours then hopefully all these things will be easier to see. Better start improving so no one can see all my mistakes!

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