Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What's Happenin'

So, the last few weeks have been confusing ones. I realise I haven't mentioned this before however I am actually in the process of planning mine and Bens wedding. We got engaged 3 years ago (whilst I was pregnant with Frankie) on a beach in France. At night. Most romantic thing ever. Well it would have been had I not dragged Ben from 8 restaurants before we found the right one due to the fact they all sold shark fin soup. What can I say, I like sharks.
Anyhoo, so far I have bought 2 dresses. And I have also returned them.
The first one I found in Coast. It's much nicer on than in the pictures I think, no offence to the girl in the picture, but I didn't think the sideways pose helped.
So I loved this dress, however I bought it about 10 weeks after having Daniel, very very bad idea, because a mere 8 weeks later I had dropped a dress (and cup) size, and the bloody thing didn't fit anymore. When I decided it needed to be returned I decided to buy another dress I had seen which I thought would be pretty from Orla Kiely.
And it was.
The dress was lovely.
But, I couldn't shake the fact that so many people had asked if I was going to make my own. Having never made any clothes except the jammas for Ben and the boys, (as well as a pair for my dad ,which were too small and a pair for Bens step dad),  I thought that might be taking on too much.
So I have taken the plunge. I have returned my store bought dresses and have started researching making my own. I've bought a pattern, and have found some fabric I really like.
I also thought it would be good to try and make something to practice. I attempted the Miss Marlo Dress from Pip Lincolns book Sew La Tea Do. What a flippin' disaster.
I can't even get the dress over my head.
I have no idea what I've done wrong, probably something very, very daft but the thing does not fit. That's it's new name, The Thing.
So then I decided to attempt the High Waisted Sash Skirt from This Big Oak Tree, http://www.thisbigoaktree.com/2012/04/high-waisted-sash-skirt-tutorial.html,
and it's also too small!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so confused. I measured and checked and measured again. So now I have cut up two perfectly beautiful metres of Liberty print to make two pieces of clothing which will never see the dull glow of day. Dull glow since I'm pretty sure that's our summer over now. It's been raining for 6 days.
A lot more practicing will be done before I decide to ruin some expensive wedding dress material so watch this space.
Also I am going to make our invitations, this I am really hoping will be the focus of my next post, all going well!!