Saturday, 19 January 2013

The return of the blogger...

I now have a schedule. Which I am weirdly sticking too (except the exercising part, that seems to be suffering some sort of start up issues).
My little list is starting with February.
I have:
Mums b-day;
Valentines day (which we don't really do much for); and finally,
Our anniversary!

But before I get into that I have to post the rest of the pictures from last year! Not the most exciting however I want to try and keep note of my meagre contribution to the world in the form of craft.

This is one of the little toadstools I made for the boys rug. Saw a rug covered in these little things and the price was a bit more than was willing to pay for something that would have toast, milk and malteasers trampled into it.
So, in true modern style, I went to Ikea! I know so many people who say, "I hate Ikea", "it all looks the same", "this is whats wrong with the world...", etc. However, I like it!
I know it all looks the same and everyone complains about it but I dont care! The way I look at the shop is that it provides a base. A base for people who can't build furniture but want to have something they've 'made'. Everything in this shop can be customised. You can paint it, wallpaper it, cover it in fabric and fill it with all of the things you want people to see.
Rant over, back to the point.
I bought the green rug from Ikea (1/6th of the price at £10!), then I used scraps of material to make the little toadstools!

Then came my sisters birthday!

I had seen this cake in Making magazine and again on Pip Lincolnes blog and decided it was a cake for me! It was actually quite nice! I used a cake recipe from the Innocent cookbook which hasn't failed me yet.
Best of all my sister loved it so I'd say that was a winner.

Next up, halloween!
I love halloween. I love the costumes, I love the candy apples, I love the faint smell of fireworks (only 5 days before Guy Fawkes night) and I love autumn.
When I had my first son, a few weeks after halloween, one of the things I was looking forward too was making his halloween outfits.
Last year in a joint effort, with my mum, we made this...

To be fair I actually only made the hat, but I was massively pregnant at the time.
I'm sure you'll agree its very cute.

Then came santa...
I have been "knitting" a stocking for my eldest for the last 2 years. In march last year he pulled half of my attempt off the needles. Time for attempt number 2. Which is still sitting in a drawer.
Knitting is not my forte.

Sewing however, is a bit more up my street, meaning its much quicker and I'm not very patient.

Thats my 2012 re-capped.
Not too bad. but not too good either.
This year will be better...i'm sure.

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