Friday, 2 August 2013

The August Break: 2, circles

I decided to take up the Susannah Conway challenge for August. Taking a different photo each day of something to try and improve my photo taking (lack of) skills. As you can see from the picture, i may need longer than a month. That is my very same-ish collection of nailpolishes, a bottle of kids Calpol (disgusting stuff) and my bedside table lamp. Very dull. However that is not the point of the exercise.
Hoping to have a bit to share on tbe wedding prep this week. LOVING our invitations but they are far from finished. Also I have been going charity shop MENTAL. Everyone in the shops near us is starting to recognise me and the boys. We're looking for plates, bowls, etc, for the wedding dinner. The place we're getting married charges £5 per head. Not a lot but this way it will be more personal AND we'll have something to keep!