Monday, 11 November 2013

Woopsy doodles...

Well now.
I swear I've been up to all sorts, craftyness ahoy!
It's been Bens mums b-day, Bens made soaps, all by himself! I made her the box bag for it, got the instructions from the following:
This is the second time i've used this and it always turns out amazing. So much so they usually dont believe i've made it! I also made two pairs of baby converse slippers for Bens uncles soon to be born twins!
Then it was Bens stepdads b-day. I crocheted him a pair of big boy converse style slippers from Mollie Makes. OMG. It took AGES!!!!!! Talk about taking a long bloody time. However they turned out pretty good i'd say.
Now its the turn of my babies, still slowly working o  the kitchen but I made a whale for Daniel from here:
This I have to say is one of my favourite all time projects. It turned out amazing, I had all the stuff to make it in the house so no shoppi g or pennies required, and even my dad was impressed. Not an easy task.
I also made Danoel a fabric book, however the final put together was not well put together and it will be redone shortly. Now it's Frankies turn! A fishing set has been thought out and is now being executed. I'm updating on my phone hence no pictures! (Sort it out blogger) but I will be back!!!!! Pictures and all!