Tuesday, 17 January 2012

--Miss Half a Craft--

Well this doesn't seem nearly as scary as I thought!

I have decided to use this as method for encouraging me to pick up some new skills! For years I've been skirting around the edges of making and doing. Instead I look and buy, leaving all the creative fun for everyone else. My house is cluttered with half started/half finished projects, from newspaper monkeys to a little owl cot mobile.

So I have decided this year is my turn to get moving!!!

As a little starter I am going to post one of the only the only things I have completed!

This is the cover of the moses basket for my little boy (Frankie!). To be fair I only embroidered the picture, my mum actually sewed the full thing together.

It took me about 3 months, just doing little bits and pieces at night (when I wasn't feeling ill). After it was finished I was so pleased. Not only that I had finished it but I actually really liked it! But i finished this a year and a half ago and nothing else has changed, so this is my year! Crafty goodnesss here I come, bring on 2012!! x