Tuesday, 1 January 2013

As always, I was right...which is not always a good thing.

In my last post (which was also my only post so far) I said I always started something I considered to be a good idea but that I never finished it. I hadn't anticipated this blog would be another example of that. Since my last post I actually have finished one or two things I started, like this tree for my eldest sons wall
also the rug for.his room which I made toadstools for, christmas stockings for my boys,and...ah yes,a little baby. My youngest son, not hard as i only have two so it's es and ys. I have a plan for the new year, which I am going to detail,if only for the reason it might shame me into doing it,however i'm trying to write this post on my phone and i'm getting a little upset at the stupidity of the working of it so I shall update tomorrow on the computer. happy new year, let it be a crafty one!

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