Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Bring on the new year...whilst having a look at the old one.

As I promised myself I have actually come back on the post! I said this year I'm actually going to make the effort to make things and I'm also going to make the effort to document them in the hope it'll encourage me to improve. So here goes...

I though it would be best to go over what I did last year as I wasn't completely inactive. I started the year with knitting! (I'm a very impatient person and my knitting skills do not make for speedy progress)

I got this knitting pattern on the net from Tiny Owl Knits and each little hexagon is lovely as you can use lots of different colours and then put them all together. Also each one is stuffed with toy stuffing which makes each one like a little pillow! To bad that the ones in the picture are the only ones I've done since last January! Moving swiftly on...

Valentines day.

I made this card by stitching an old t-shirt. Bad idea. As soon as I took the fabric out of the embroidery hoop my lovely tight neat stitches became distorted and wonky. Lesson learned for this year.
Then in March it was my cousins little boys birthday. I decided to attempt something from one of Pip Lincolns books.

Looking at this picture you'd never be able to tell if the bag is supposed to be a dog or a monkey. Unfortunately regardless of which one it is supposed to be it's a pretty poor attempt. I did add a little pocket into the bag at the bag (with a zip and everything!), but I think the only thing the bag is being used for at the moment is to cushion the toys being thrown into the bottom of the toy basket.

Not too bad I suppose for the first 3 onths of last year but I'm hoping to improve on that this year!

I will come back over the next few days and post the other things I attempted (or started) last year and I will hopefully have an update on my new projects for this year too.

So as my papa used to say, cheerie bye! Until next time...

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