Thursday, 2 January 2014

Same old story...

I know I know, I can just imagine everyone's judge faces ( very similar to my own I must say).
Here she comes, new year again, promises to be made to be broken and then to be forgotten all together. Naughty me.
I know I said something similar last year about being crafty and writing it all down here, and to be fair I did manage the crafty part. The writing down? Not so much.
Soooo, here come the new promises.
1. I will continue to be crafty, with a little help from Danielle (hello!) and my mum (sorry dad). Both have been super helpful so far so I'm expecting great things. 
2. I will WRITE IT DOWN. This is my downfall, however I will strive to improve!
3. I will spend more time with my wonderful boys doing messy fun and silly things. Grown up stuff is always getting in the way, but not anymore!
4. I will make more of an effort with my man, less ponytails and big jumpers and more nice hair and shaved legs. 
5. GET MORE ORGANISED. This is a direct copy of previous years, however to achieve the rest above I must achieve this one. So really this is number 1. Although technically they are not in any sort of order at the mo.

I have a new toy with which to update, one of these new dangled tablet devises. I refuse to name it as it is not a company I normally associate with, which might explain why I have no idea how to work it!
Will return with pics in a bit. Hoping to update twice per week. That seems do-able doesn't it? 
We'll, we shall soon see...... X

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