Saturday, 8 February 2014

It's February!!!

Oh my.

Well here we are. Finally. Wedding is in two weeks and I cannot even write down how much I still have to do because I am getting a teeny weeny bit stressed. Though apparently I'm hiding it well.

It has been a strange 3 months, me and the boys have been ill since November. Think them starting nursery has not helped but we're on the mend. I actually ended up in hospital (via ambulance no less!) but thankfully it wasn't as bad as they thought. Mortified that the paramedics came into my house since nothing had been tidied in 4 days due to me feeling ill. 4 days of no tidying with two children under the age of 4, may as we'll mean the house has never been tidied.

So, I hope my absence will be forgiven!

So I now have some photos of the kitchen we made for the boys!

I posted a picture before of telephone unit which I had bought with the hope of magically transforming it into a play kitchen for my lovely boys, and I did it!

Yey! I was literally finishing this at 0:30 on Christmas morning. If I was reading this I would be sensing a pattern that I tend to leave things a bit late.

Anyway I was super chuffed with how it turned out.

I painted the unit with a few colours I thought would look nice and bright, then I attached the back board, to give it a little something extra. I cut a hole in the top shelf and glued a baking tray in for the sink! I removed the drawer handle and glued the drawer in place. I managed to do this after the sink was put in by cutting the back off the drawer...

Which I then used to make a shelf. I used cork pot stands which I bought in packs of two, to make the cooker rings. I painted them black and painted one with a little gas ring! I made little dials for the hob rings from the tops off honey bottles. I opened the cap (it was one of the little flip top ones with the squeeze lids). I put a washer in the cap and then put a screw in, glued the inside of the cap and closed it, job done.

I added on a corner shelf to each side of the unit to give them a little worktop space which is housing their toaster and stand mixer which my crafty pal Danielle got the for their bday!

I'm planning on putting a little curtain over this part to hide all of the pretend food they have. I got 3 little baskets which we are using for utensils (pictures above in red), and one each for fruit and veg.

Then we have the oven. All I did was paint a little flame for this one.

And that was our oven! I have seen some on the internet which are flippin' incredible, but I have to say I do love mine. And so do the boys which is the most important thing. I have had several pretend cakes and cups of tea and they were all pretend delicious!


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